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Technical overview
Amman, Jordan, Asia
Project information
Year 2022
Architect Dal Design
Partner Hunter Douglas ME FZE - Ghattas Industrial & Trading Blinds Co
Used materials
Fabric type Panama Pro
Fabric color 3% 101117 - white-pearl
Fabric m² 1.100
Building type(s) Offices

PwC Office Jordan

The roller blinds at PriceWaterhouseCoopers' offices in Jordan have been fitted with our Panama Pro 3% white pearl by our partner Ghattas. The interior designer chose this fabric not only because it protects employees from heat and glare, but also because it matches the theme and colour scheme of the different rooms.

White and grey are used throughout the different rooms to create a calming environment. But it is never boring. By playing with different sizes and shapes of furniture with dashes of brighter colours, the rooms remain attractive to the eye and inspiring to the people who use them.