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Technical overview
Brussels, Belgium, Europe
Project information
Year 2018
Architect Stephane Beel Architects
Partner Helioscreen Projects & Guthrie Douglas
Used materials
Fabric type Sergé
Star 2115
Fabric color Several colours
Fabric m²
Building type(s) Public buildings

Efficient shading for the Africa Museum

During the renovation of the Royal Museum of Central Africa, our partner Helioscreen Projects installed several shading solutions using our fabrics. Some standard, some project specific.

This was necessary because there are different types of windows and interiors in this thoroughly renovated museum. It is a combination of classical architecture from 1904 in the old building and modern architecture in the visitor pavilion. This placed different demands on the shading.

In the old part, it was important to protect the museum's exhibits from both heat and light. Helioscreen came up with a solution consisting of 2 roller blinds suspended one above the other, each with a different fabric. The Sergé 3% fabric on the outside mainly protects against heat, while the Star 7% fabric on the inside mainly protects against light.

By opting for two systems that can be operated separately, the museum is able to choose between different scenarios, depending on the outside situation and the desired ambience inside.

To ensure that the arched section of the windows was also protected, Helioscreen Projects made customised fixed frames using the same 2 fabrics.
On the newly constructed curtain walls of the inner courtyard, they installed external screens made using our Sergé 3% in a dark colour, which, in combination with the glass, offers very good thermal comfort. This is demonstrated by the low g-tot value. It is less than 0.10, which means that more than 90% of the heat is kept out.

The Visitor Pavilion is also equipped with exterior blinds with Sergé 3%. Due to the structural glazing of the façade and the large dimensions, a TESS™440 tension blind system from our partner Guthrie Douglas was chosen. A powerful spring keeps the system under constant tension. This allows the screens to be positioned at any angle, but also increases the wind resistance and wind class of the system.

The project was completed in 2018, but Helioscreen Projects, or more specifically its service department, continues to monitor the project. The museum has signed a maintenance contract and the service technicians regularly inspect the screens. This ensures a longer life and continued optimal operation of the screens.


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