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Common misunderstandings about G-tot

People who work in the solar shading business need to know their g-tot from their Tv values. That is clear, right? Apparently not. There are some persistent misunderstandings about the g-tot: the solar factor of a glazing combined with a solar protection device:

All g-tot values are calculated equal.

I only need to know the g-tot to predict the temperature in an actual building.

A g-tot value is constant: it applies everywhere, throughout a whole year.

Let us start to debunk these misunderstandings.

How to avoid Glare

How can you control Glare? And how does that affect daylight in the room?

Choose the right fabric colour.
Dark colored fabrics allow better glare control but reduce natural daylight coming in.
Light colored fabrics provide lower glare control but let more light in.

Choose the right openness factor
Fabrics with a tighter weave allow better glare control but reduce natural daylight coming in.
Fabrics with a higher openness factor provide lower glare control but let more light in.

Helioscreen launches G-value calculator app

Helioscreen has launched an Android app for the simplified calculation of g-tot: G-value calculator. Look for it in your Play Store. A version for Apple will be coming soon.


The Importance of Daylight

"Use of daylight is of great importance as it can lead to a significant reduction of energy demand caused by artificial lighting. At the same time, access to daylight in a living and working space contributes significantly to the well-being and health preservation of occupants." (Extract of findings in BPIE report 2015 on Indoor air quality, thermal comfort and daylight)


Upgrade of the Panama Chrome

Helioscreen is very proud to introduce its wonderful new Panama Chrome+. Thanks to an upgrade of a unique metallization process, the Panama Chrome+’s unsurpassed metalized back now has a reflection of around 80%!