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Upgrade of the Panama Chrome

12 June 2018

Helioscreen is very proud to introduce its wonderful new Panama Chrome+. Thanks to an upgrade of a unique metallization process, the Panama Chrome+’s unsurpassed metalized back now reflects the sunlight even better: some colours have a reflection of more than 80%!

As a result, the improved version of the Panama Chrome has the following exclusive advantages:

  • improved thermal and visual comfort
  • superior adhesion of metal to PVC, that does not diminish in the course of time
  • superior reflection values to comparable fabrics (around 80%)
  • improved resistance to ageing and humidity

Even with all the advantages mentioned above, the Panama Chrome+ still has the same price as the Panama Chrome. The Panama Chrome+ will be put up for sale as of 1 July.

If you need any more information or if you wish to order a separate sample card, please email us via

The technical data sheet of the Panama Chrome+ can be downloaded here.