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Helioscreen fabrics

At Helioscreen, everything revolves around top quality solar shading fabrics. Thanks to our experience and expertise, nothing is left to chance. Our raw materials, our production process, our products and our service: every step is carefully considered and planned. The difference is in big and small things, in visible and invisible actions. Our results are always ingenious and extremely reliable!

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Why Helioscreen?


Helioscreen has built up a global reputation as a developer and manufacturer of top quality fiberglass screen fabrics. The company has become a trendsetter when it comes to innovative, functional sun protection fabric for professional, commercial and residential environments.




Why More than meets the eye is our new baseline



Something that at first glance may seem fairly everyday, might go on to surprise you. This is why we would like to take you on our journey, to give you a look behind the scenes and make you an integral part of our quality label. Remember - this website will make sure that your view of Helioscreen and your knowledge of screen fabrics will never be the same again.


Quality is not expensive, it is priceless

Mermet, the renewed brand for all European sunscreen fabrics manufacturers

We are proud to announce remarkable news: from now on we will develop, produce and distribute all sunscreen fabrics in Europe under one brand: the fully rebranded Mermet. The expertise built up over decades by the Belgian companies Helioscreen and Copaco, the French company Mermet and the Spanish distributor Screen Protectors will be pooled into one collection. The production and logistics capacities in Belgium, France and Spain are joining forces.


European Solar Shading Database - ES-SDA

Helioscreen participates in the European Solar Shading Database – ES-SDA: An initiative to collect credible, trustworthy data about different types of solar shading. All data are checked by accredited laboratories and reviewed by our peers. We will keep adding fabric to the database. Check out ES-SDA and our website for the latest information.