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Together we are strong!

As a construction company you like to work with partners you can trust and who support the same values as your company. Helioscreen not only acts as a supplier but also as an advisor.

You can call on all the knowledge and expertise that Helioscreen has built up over the past decades for your purchases or collaboration.

Did you know?

  • We built a strong reputation worldwide?
  • You can also go to our reliable partners abroad?
  • Helioscreen already has several unique innovations to its name?
  • We have 50 years of experience and expertise?
  • Our range contains professional, commercial and residential solutions?
  • Our R & D team seeks to develop the best possible product for every question?
  • Our Tech Team can assist you at all times with technical calculations and advice?
  • You can also count on our experts during a site visit?
  • We strictly respect all our deadlines and delivery times?
  • Our screens have a great impact on living comfort, light and view to the outside?
  • Our screens also have a big impact on the energy consumption of a building?