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Technical overview
Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe
Project information
Year 2021
Architect Dekleva Gregorič Architects
Partner Soltec, d.o.o.
Used materials
Fabric type Sergé
Fabric color 1% 118118 - Black
Fabric m² 3000
Building type(s) Residential

BRDO - Ljubljana

The Social Housing project BRDO in Ljubljana, Slovenia brings functionality and aesthetics together. The black Sergé 1% fabric fits perfectly with the playful design of the façade.

But the fabric is not just there for its looks: it also contributes to the building's goal of reducing overall energy consumption by 30%. The blinds were therefore fitted with care by our partner Soltec. 

Another aim of the project was to create a diverse, safe, traffic-free open space, surrounded by greenery, for the many vulnerable families and individuals who will be housed in the new buildings. They will undoubtedly be very comfortable in their homes, protected from excessive heat and glare.