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Technical overview
Athens, Greece, Europe
Project information
Year 2022
Architect SAOTA architects
Partner Smart Shading Greece
Used materials
Fabric type Panama Pro
Fabric color 101101-white
Fabric m²
Building type(s) Residential

Glyfada Apartment

The Glyfada 5-unit apartment is located on the southern coastline of Athens. The large windows offer views to the island of Aigina and the hills of Poros in the distance. The architects made sure that the terraces were free of visuals obstructions like balustrades so the residents can see the landscape in its full glory.

Preserving the view was also the reason for them to choose white Panama Pro 5% for the solar shading. The light colour helps to filter the daylight and keep the heat out, while maintaining visual contact with the outside.

The largest blinds in this project are 5m wide by 6m high. 

More information on the project can be found here.