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Technical overview
Toronto, Canada, North America
Project information
Year 2020
Architect Diamond + Schmitt Architects Inc.
Partner Architectural Window Shades
Used materials
Fabric type Sergé
Fabric color 117101 - pearl-white
Fabric m² 1.000
Building type(s) Leisure
Public buildings

Four Seasons Centre for Performing Arts

The fabric of the solar shading on the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in Toronto has recently been renewed with Sergé 3% pearl-white. As the sun travels around the building, a sophisticated system of exterior roller shades and sun-trackers, makes sure that the shades automatically lower to protect the building against heat and glare.

The theatre is home to the Canadian Opera Company and the National Ballet of Canada. Therefore it was important that the building was transparent and welcoming, but at the same time could keep out the noise from the nearby subway and street.

The solar shading with Sergé 3% is installed on the transparent element of the building: the four-story "City Room" with full-height glazing. When not in use, the shades can retract completely, raising the curtain on the wall of windows.

More information on the building can be found here.