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Technical overview
The Hague, The Netherlands, Europe
Project information
Year 2019
Architect Roberto Meyer and Jeroen van Schooten
Partner Luxaflex Nederland
Used materials
Fabric type Panama Pro
Fabric color white-pearl
Fabric m² 5000
Building type(s) Offices

Sustainability and Durability

The Dutch Organization for Applied Scientific Research, TNO wants to connect people and knowledge to create innovations that sustainably strengthen companies and improve the well-being of society. So when the TNO head office in Delft moved to the New Babylon office complex in The Hague, the organization desired durable high quality solar shading. 

Our partner Luxaflex® therefore installed around 1.000 roller blinds with our Panama Pro 5% fabric in the colour white-pearl. TNO was convinced by the durable glass core of the Panama Pro, the low *VOC content and the high reflectance that keeps out the heat in summer.



*VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds