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Technical overview
Skjern, Denmark, Europe
Project information
Year 2015
Architect Seasons Arkitekter A / S, Arkitektfirmaet Bo Christensen
Partner Acrimo
Used materials
Fabric type Sergé
Fabric color 108118
Fabric m² 1000
Building type(s) Offices
Public buildings

Innovation and Sustainability

A round shaped building can pose challenges for solar shading. Especially when the blinds have to be installed after it has been built. But for the Innovest building the architects foresaw the solar shading into the original design. One of the reasons no doubt, it earned a gold DGNB-medal for sustainability.

The Innovest building has bright warm colours in the façade to ensure a welcoming look. The grey-black Sergé 3% fabric in the blinds contrasts with it beautifully. Grass grows on the roof, echoing Skjerns meandering fields.  

The building houses a few smaller companies and can be used for meetings, conferences and educational activities.  

More information via this link.