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Technical overview
Åfjord , Norway, Europe
Project information
Year 2013
Partner Vental Trøndelag (NO) - Luxaflex Outdoor (NL) - Artex (NL)
Used materials
Fabric type Sergé
Fabric color 117101
Fabric m² 29 blinds
Building type(s) Leisure


The Parken shopping mall derives its name from the garden on top of the roof of the building witch includes a football field.

The owner of the building first wanted to order regular zip-screens, but when Vental Trøndelag showed him pictures of the St-Olavs project, he started dreaming up a whole new concept. Together with a designer he chose a picture of a tree that was made about 60 years ago. The designer added some green to freshen up the whole and made an abstract version of the branches for another part of the façade. The two designs were then divided over the 29 blinds in the project.

Luxaflex Outdoor made the hardware for the blinds, Artex took care of the printing and Helioscreen made the covers to size and finished them. Every print and blind size had to be meticulously made to measure so the different blinds would make a perfect whole.

The King of Norway visited the mall a few days after the blinds were installed. No doubt he must have been impressed.