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Technical overview
Warswaw, Poland, Europe
Project information
Year 2019-2020
Architect Goettsch Partners (GP)
Partner Hunter Douglas Polska
Used materials
Fabric type Panama Pro
Fabric color 5% 118117-black-pearl
Fabric m² 19.000
Building type(s) Offices

Mennica Legacy Tower

Mennica Legacy Tower is located in the Central Business District of Warsaw. The building consists of a 35-story tower located on the south east side and a smaller 10-story building on the west side. The tenants include mBank as well as the world leader in coworking spaces: WeWork.

To protect the occupants from harsh sun, Hunter Douglas Polska installed roller blinds with Panama Pro 5% 118117 black-pearl. They filter the daylight while avoiding annoying reflections on computer screens and furniture. Because of the open structure, the panoramic view of Warsaw remains unobstructed. 

Tenants are able to communicate with the building using a mobile app on their smartphone.

The main tenant mBank made a video of the building.