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Technical overview
Kortrijk, Belgium, Europe
Project information
Year 2022
Architect POLO Architects
Partner Helioscreen Projects
Used materials
Fabric type Sergé
Fabric color Sergé 3% black-sand - 118112
Fabric m²
Building type(s) Offices

Kortrijk Business Park

The building complex of the Kortrijk Business Park is fully automated. The Proscreen Zip 125 zip screens installed by our partner Helioscreen Projects protect it from overheating. The Helioscreen Sergé 3% black-sand solar shading fabric used in combination with the glass achieves a g-tot value of 0.06. This is one of the reasons why the building achieves a BREEAM rating of Very Good.

Lighting is controlled throughout the building: the intensity and colour of the light is adjusted to match the intensity and colour of the daylight entering through the windows.