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Technical overview
Wilrijk, Belgium, Europe
Project information
Year 2008
Architect Dirk Vanlerberghe bvba, Aartselaar
Partner Helioscreen, A division of Hunter Douglas
Used materials
Fabric type Sergé
Fabric color 108118, grey-black
Fabric m²
Building type(s) Leisure

Y & N Claessens

Part of the bigger city of Antwerp (Belgium), Wilrijk has been able to conserve its own town-like look. Consisting of modern living areas mixed with older neighbourhoods, this suburb shows a nice balance between living, commercial and industrial activities.
The building of Car dealership Y&N Claessens is a recent modern addition to the town. It is located in the well known shoppers paradise called "Boomsesteenweg" where all types of shops can be found.