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Technical overview
Taipei, Taiwan, Asia
Project information
Year 2005
Architect C.Y. Lee
Partner Hunter Douglas Taiwan
Used materials
Fabric type Specials
Fabric color
Fabric m²
Building type(s) Leisure
Public buildings

Taipei 101

The most famous of all Helioscreen references. We delivered, in co-operation with our sister company Hunter Douglas Taiwan, more than 40.000m2 of specially designed fabric. Woven according to the specifications of the architect in order to offer an optimal visual and thermal comfort to the occupants.

The architect of Taipei Financial Center, C.Y. Lee, used oriental elements in his design. The height of the Taipei 101 (101 floors - 508m) is reached on step at a time: like petals of a flower unfolding, or sections of a bamboo rising from the ground.