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Technical overview
Aarhus , Denmark, Europe
Project information
Year 2014
Architect C. F. Møller
Partner Luxaflex Scandinavia
Used materials
Fabric type Panama 5%
Fabric color 118118 - black
Fabric m² 2500
Building type(s) Offices
Public buildings


Navitas is Aarhus' new centre for innovation, education and energy. It is located on the city harbor front and consists of two schools and a science park. Housed in a 35,000 m2, 7 storey, low energy building, Navitas has several of its energy saving techniques en technologies showcased in open display for the public. It provides space for about 2000 students, 300 teaching staff and researchers as well as 400-600 company employees associated with INCUBA Science Park.

Navitas will also be the home for the Danish Development Centre for District Heating and the Danish Knowledge Centre for Integrated Energy Design.

One part of Navitas, the Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering is equipped with 425 blinds with Panama 5%, black.

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