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Technical overview
Amman, Jordan, Asia
Project information
Year 2019
Architect Arini
Partner Hunter Douglas Middle East & Ghattas Industrial
Used materials
Fabric type Panama Pro
Fabric color 101116 - 3%
Fabric m²
Building type(s) Schools

Wellbeing and creativity

The Mashrek International School was founded in 1992 in Jordan with the aim of providing quality education, international understanding and appreciation for diversity while preserving the Arabic culture. The campus has classrooms that are colourful and provide a comfortable and secure learning environment. 

For the extension built in 2019, the designers created flexible learning spaces to promote a sense of wellbeing and creativity. Several colourful elements form a miniature landscape for children to explore during lessons. At the windows our Panama Pro 3% fabric gently filters the sun. Allowing enough daylight in, while keeping out excessive heat and glare. 

The school has approximately 1400 pupils, representing more than 26 nationalities. It enjoys an outstanding reputation nationally en internationally. 

More information

School website.