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Technical overview
Namur, Belgium, Europe
Project information
Year 2016
Architect L'atelier de L'arbre d'or
Partner Helioscreen Projects
Used materials
Fabric type Sergé
Fabric color 108101 - 3%
Fabric m² 1000
Building type(s) Offices

Sergé 3% grey-white for CBC headquarters

CBC Bank and Insurance opened a new head office in Namur. It is the first large Belgian bank to establish its headquarters in the heart of Wallonia. The Group has launched a separate brand for each region and now focuses fully on the south of Belgium.

The new offices were equipped with zip-screens by Helioscreen Projects. The chosen fabric was Sergé 3% in the color grey-white. This is one of the best performing colors in the range. It has a class 4 - very good result - for preventing overheating and a class 3 for preventing glare. The comfort of the employees in the building is therefore insured.