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Technical overview
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Europe
Project information
Year 2016
Architect OeverZaaijer
Partner Luxaflex Nederland
Used materials
Fabric type Panama 5%
Fabric color 113108 - bronze-grey
Fabric m²
Building type(s) Hotels

Comfort and Atmosphere with Panama fabric

The Casa 400 Hotel in Amsterdam wants to be more than a traditional hotel. Eight months a year it rents 369 rooms of the 520 rooms out to students. The owners therefore wanted their hotel to feel homey while keeping an x-factor for the tourists. They succeeded.

The hotel has an open structure with a lot of glass. The Luxaflex solar shading with Panama 5% bronze-grey brings the necessary comfort and allows for climate control.

Panama 5% is a durable fabric that gently filters the daylight. It is also easy in maintenance. 

Casa 400 website