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Technical overview
Sydney, Australia, Oceania
Project information
Year 1999
Architect Peddle, Thorpe and Walker
Partner Helioscreen Australia
Used materials
Fabric type Sergé
Fabric color
Fabric m²
Building type(s) Residential

Bennelong Apartments

Reducing light and heat while maintaining a building's architectural harmony are the dual roles of the external blind system at Sydney's prestigious Bennelong Apartments. A project of Helioscreen Australia from 1999.

We found some quotes about this project in the Australian magazine Architectural Product News from December 1999:

"Sun control reaches new heights in style and effectiveness

The challenge at Bennelong was typical of luxury waterfront addresses. The Sydney Harbour view is unique in the world, but it presents unique architectural challenges and demands, some of which are in conflict with each other.

The building design must deliver an unobstructed view, allow in natural light, and be warm in winter and cool in summer. At the same time it must screen out UV and direct sunlight, which can easily damage internal furnishings.

It also has to provide year round comfort with low air conditioning. Fixtures like external blinds must be easy to operate, low maintenance, and durable in the face of incessant seawater, spray, sun and wind.

The solution at Bennelong Apartments was an external sun control blind system designed by Helioscreen Australia. (…)

When the sun comes out, the blinds will extend automatically. When a storm or wind threatens, the blinds automatically retract out of harms way. When not in use, the blinds retract into an unobtrusive, cylindrical head box.

This is particularly handy at the Bennelong Apartments, where the force from southerly busters in winter and afternoon nor-easters in summer is formidable. (…)"