A wide variety of proprietary woven fiberglass screen fabrics.

Fabrics for external and internal use:


  • Sergé: Ultra wide range of proprietary woven screen fabrics. Unsurpassed flexibility,
    applicable in any kind of situation.
  • Carré: Unique pattern to limit cutting loss to a minimum. An original look, a variety of fresh colors and especially designed for outside use.
  • Staccato: A sophisticated weave, combining bicolor yarns in warp and weft to create a natural look. Excellent for outside use.

Fabrics for internal use:


  • Star 1%, 3% and 7%: Combine effectiveness and beauty. Ideal for finding the right combination in visual and thermal comfort.
  • Natte 2115 5% and 10%: A long lasting fabric, with outstanding performances for filtering daylight without obstructing the view to the outside world.
  • Panama Pro 1%, 3%, 5% and 10%: Economic, lightweight and an explicit textile look. Ideal for meeting different demands of openness factors with the same weaving pattern.
  • Origins: Natural look, special weave, marvelous design. Try it!
  • Glare 3: Especially designed to meet glare control class 3 with a 5% openness factor and brighter colors. BREEAM NL compliant.
  • KOOLBLACK®: Incorporates reflective properties into a dark fabric. This provides excellent view through and maximized energy savings.
  • Panama Chrome: Metalized backing to combine excellent glare control, view through and thermal comfort.