You can make a simulation for several situations, for example:

Without shadingWith StarWith Natte 2115Light meter

Without shading                 With Star 3% - dusk          With Natte 2115 - desert

LightTool Case Study

Visual comfort is available when:


  • The contrast levels on different surfaces inside the office are mastered.
  • Sufficient light is available, preferably natural daylight. Illuminance levels in between 500 and 1500 lux are ideal. In the above example the column 'Average illumination at 1 m' shows that Natte 2115 - 150116 is with 975 lux within the ideal range to provide sufficient daylight.
  • There are no annoying reflections in the computer screen. The luminance ratio (in Cd/m2) of the computer screen and the daylight falling on the computer screen should be minimum 3 to 1 or higher. In the above example the 'Luminance ratio screen/reflection' shows that Star 2115 - 118150 provides the best result with a ratio of 5.2 to 1.

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